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Competences for Image Processing
visual competence
Well-trained attention in every sense is required to create a technical document. Nothing important for the content shall be overlooked. Neither you may disregard the smallest details nor lose the general view of the concept. Similar to the zoom lens of a camera, the tech writer must be able to adjust the focus of his or her observation to any distance, from wide angle to close viewing. The decision where an illustration is reasonable may not solely be dictated by the availability of pictorial material but should depend primarily on the requirements of the textual description.
image competence
Many questions arise for the selection of a picture: What shall the section be like? Is the resolution high enough? Are contrast and brightness adjusted correctly in relation to the size of the image? Is the colour reproduction right? Would a black-and-white picture be more adequate? Are there important details to be highlighted, maybe by brightening up or by encircling? Does it make sense to add labels for individual components? And even more important nowadays: Have the usage rights for the picture been cleared?
graphics competence
Diagrams can be inspiring or deterrent. A diagram intricately trying to depict an instance can be as useless as a photograph unable to reveal important details. Diagrams should be designed integrated throughout an entire document, as they should feature a consistent picture language similar to a nomenclature. Coevally a general statement can be communicated to address a certain audience, such as by using humorous illustrations or cartoons. Too many small graphics or symbols may result in a confusing appearance.
layout competence
Pictures always are embedded in text. When designing a page, certain general considerations should be made: Are the pictures to stand alone or to be surrounded by text? Is it reasonable to add numbering for unique reference? Shall every picture have a caption or just some in particular? With regard to multilingualism you should consider that all captions and labels will have to be translated as well. But also the potential of the target medium must be observed: The printout of a lavishly designed document may cause extra expenses, and the design potential within a content management system may be very restricted.
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