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Competences for Content Management
structural competence
Content management is the proper maintenance of data content, starting from the structured storage of all necessary ingredients such as texts, pictures, and multimeda files of all kind. A sustainable and expandable structure is of utmost importance here. Text blocks have to be created for versatile implementation, e. g. by means of product variables. Duplication should be avoided but alternatives should remain possible.
formatting competence
In spite of the necessity for strict layout rules, a powerful content management System (CMS) allows largely for freedom in the design of the end product. To achieve this, the content material has to be formatted such that later use is possible without restrictions. Texts have to be stored in a format suitable for the purpose, such as continuous text or as a notice insert. Pictures should be made available in several resolutions. And finally the requirements for multilingual publication must be met.
programming competence
Almost every CMS is based on two fundamental methods: on the storage of data in a database and on the formatting and composition using XML script instructions. XML is short for extensible markup language which means an accumulation of so-called tags used to influence the presentation and handling of a text. Even if this is not related to real coding, knowledge and experience in programming can be helpful in order to match the requirements of content management.
processing competence
All editorial activities are carried out with predefined processing rules: enter and store texts and images, arrange these texts and images according to a predetermined layout, translate the material as necessary, complete the final layout, proofread and eventually release. The detailed definition of working processes ensures a clear view and continuity. In a powerful CMS there is a workflow mechanism provided that supervises the transactions and allows for an overview of the current work progress at any time.
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