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for Technical Documentation, Content Management and Audio Processing.
Technical Documentation – what is it?
Some folks out there may have little or no clear conception of this topic. The range of technical documents comprises marketing and distribution documents such as presentations, data sheets or catalogues, as well as user manuals and on-screen help pages. It also includes service manuals and spare part lists and many more items...  If you want to learn more about this please click here.
Illustrations are a must in technical documents. They can simply consist of symbols or photographs, but at times, also dimensional drawings, schematic diagrams or complex exploded views may be required. The composition and formatting of these pictures determines that the presentation seems to be appealing and clearly arranged. More details on the topic of image processing can be found here.
In most cases, technical documents must be available in several languages. English will be the first choice, of course, but every language can be of importance. The consideration if at all and which languages a document has to be translated into, should be made in advance of its creation. Please find more about translation detailed out here.
Content Management
Not long ago, the end product always used to be a printed document. Nowadays distribution often is accomplished using the internet or storage media such as CD or DVD. Content management basically is the provision of data, usually database-driven, and it becomes more and more important for technical documentation as well. You may learn more about this topic here.
Audio Processing
Today, you only need a portable computer with audio connections and suitable software for recording and editing of audio signals. But you should have profound knowledge of sound engineering in order to obtain really well results. For more details please read here.
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